Why do you need to break up scar tissue?

Firstly, so you can move again. If you’ve ever been to physical therapy, they likely have told you how many degrees you can only move your knee or shoulder.

You don’t have to keep suffering with pain and limited motion due to scar tissue. However, if your scar tissue isn’t bothering you or causing pain and discomfort it’s best to leave it alone. However, if it is bothering you here are some ways you can break up scar tissue:


Sound wave technology, based upon the same physics used to destroy and break up kidney and gall stones, can now be used to break up bone spurs, scar tissue, muscle spasms, etc.


Acupuncture is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique to help relieve conditions in the body by inserting needles into the body. Acupunturists usually inserts the needle into the tough scar tissue to try to break it up and increase blood flow to the area. Your acupuncturist would consult you in how many sessions are needed to reduce the scar tissue. It can range from 6-10 sessions.


If you want a quick fix and you have severe limited motion, your doctor will most likely recommend surgery. The surgeon will go in and remove the adhesions. Relief can come immediately and last from a couple of months to a year. Each person’s body responds differently to surgery. However there is a downside. The scar tissue will form back.
This happens because scar tissue is the normal body’s replacement tissue after any injury or cut to the area. Surgery requires an incision and when the area heals, it will form scar tissue.

Massage Therapy

Many deep tissue and neuromuscular therapists are trained to work along muscle fibers and to loosen and break up scar tissue so that the adhesions are loosen. This allows you some movement and flexibility. Scar tissue most likely will form again, but after a few consistent massage sessions the scar tissue will lay down much more linear than when originally formed.

Depending on how consistent you are, it could takes a couple of months (if you go once a week) to break up the scar tissue enough so that it does not cause any more pain.

Magnetic Therapy

Using a magnetic product in the area that is affected will greatly increase your mobility and reduce the scar tissue. Especially if you have knee problems. Magnetic therapy can work pretty fast, faster than massage due to the way it works. It ranges from a week to a few months, depending on how often you use the product on your scar tissue.

Scar tissue, in itself does not cause inflammation. But re-injuring the area by over-stressing it, not strengthening it, or due to an accident can all cause inflammation which in turn causes more scar tissue formation. Over time this will cause limited motion and flexibility and since blood flow is limited in scar tissue, the muscle that it surrounds can wither away.