From Major League Baseball to Little League, baseball is a favorite sport of many Americans. Regardless of age or intensity […]

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic activity is a popular form of exercise for many people due to the positive health benefits it imparts. For […]

Hammertoe Surgery

[term=’hammertoe’]Hammertoe[/term] occurs when the second, third, or fourth toe bends at the middle joint, often as a result of wearing […]


Walking is an excellent form of exercise enjoyed by many people of all ages, both indoors on a treadmill and […]


Tennis requires a lot of sudden stops and starts, as well as repetitive side-to-side movements and jumps. These actions can […]

Running & Jogging

Running and jogging are popular forms of cardiovascular exercise. Conveniently, running and jogging can be done alone or in groups, […]


While playing on a typical 18-hole golf course, a golfer walks up to five miles, which adds up to about […]


Cycling is a popular form of exercise, enjoyment, and even economical, environmentally-friendly commuting to school or work. It provides cardiovascular […]


Basketball requires a lot of sprinting up and down the court, as well as sudden jumping, side-to-side movement, twisting, and […]