Some of the services that we provide here at Hoosier Foot and Ankle include:

Some of our advanced treatment methods include:

Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Centers of Indiana is pleased to introduce you to a new in-office laser treatment called the CoolBreeze procedure, which treats toenails discolored and thickened by toenail fungus. It is virtually pain free and patients can resume their normal activity within the day.

“Many of the patients who visit us have tried all of the topical treatments with minimal success” states our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Patrick DeHeer. “The CoolTouch laser treatment for toenail fungus removal procedure only takes 1-3 treatments to effectively rid them of their fungal nails.”

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Shockwave Treatment for Foot, Heel & Ankle Pain

Before you consider surgery you should know that you do have other options for treatment.

Heel pain is the most common foot problem that we treat in our offices. It is often attributed to plantar fasciitis. While most heel pain is responsive to conservative therapy including orthotics, strapping, physical therapy, NSAIDS, cortisone injections and other methods, over 10% of patients remain with pain. These patients are faced with the choice of having surgery or living with chronic heel pain.

Experts now say that Pulse Activation/Shock Wave Therapy for heel pain is an alternative treatment before resorting to surgery, which has a lengthy recovery time and carries the risk of complications.

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MIS Bunion Treatment/Surgery

Minimal incision bunion surgery allows for deformity correction in all planes, provides proper realignment of the mechanical axis of the metatarsal, is performed outside of the joint reducing adhesion and improving range of motion post operatively, is inherently stable because all the ligaments and joint capsule are left completely intact, preserves blood supply to the bone because of the limited dissection.

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