FAQs About MIS Bunion Treatment

What does MIS Bunion Treatment stand for?

Minimal incision bunion surgery

How does the surgery differ from transitional bunion treatments?

Minimal incision bunion surgery allows for deformity correction in all planes, provides proper realignment of the mechanical axis of the metatarsal, is performed outside of the joint reducing adhesion and improving range of motion post operatively, is inherently stable because all the ligaments and joint capsule are left completely intact, preserves blood supply to the bone because of the limited dissection.

Is MIS treatment common or new for bunko surgeries?

It is a newer approach for an older method. It has been used in Europe for awhile and the technique has evolved to where it is a good choice for certain types of bunions.

Is. Dr. DeHeer trained in MIS bunion surgeries and if so, how?

I have been doing bunion surgeries for 25 years, I was trained on this procedure at a recent surgical conference I lectured at and have incorporated it into my practice.