Dr. Kathleen Satterfield, DPM was an inspiring guest on Meet The Masters with Brett Ribotsky as she shared her experience.

Before becoming a podiatrist, Dr. Satterfield was a successful investigative journalist. During an undercover assignment that resulted in serious threats and required guards at her home, she became acquainted with a podiatrist who had an office near the point of investigation. When the threatening environment led to a decision for a career change, Dr. Satterfield, she recalled the acquaintance with the podiatrist who had been so good with his patients. She chose to follow that medical career.

She made a plan to get the best education she could so that she could deliver the best care and first opened a practice in Vermont. However, shortly after she opened the practice, she was contacted by former teachers who saw she had the capability to share her knowledge. These former teachers wanted her to join their ranks.

Dr. Satterfield has been teaching new podiatry students ever since. She believes the level of training now prepares the students to be better resident students and therein more discerning doctors when they are ready for practice.

There are adages about teaching — some can do the work, but can’t share what they know in order to teach others. I am blessed to be able to deliver top-shelf treatment to my patients and to be able to share what I have learned with residency students who will someday be serving patients themselves.

I love working with you and helping you find solutions to the issues your feet have. And I enjoy seeing ‘the lights come on’ with new students who have a similar love of people and a mission to deliver care to patients.

To keep up with new innovations in treatment is a learning process for me and the staff at Hoosier Foot and Ankle, but we know we need to keep expanding our learning so we can give you answers in the clinic and develop a treatment plan with you. When laser treatments became available, we added that to the options that can offer you in-office treatment for conditions that respond to lasers with little to no downtime in your recovery.

Someone who could teach has helped me get to a level of expertise with wound card and pediatric club foot or pediatric flat foot treatment. Now, I can help you avoid unnecessary amputation and I can help your children get to a point of running happily around the playground. All because of another teacher.

You can understand why, when an opportunity opened for me to practice positive paybacks by taking time to teach a new generation of doctors, I accepted the chance right away.

Remember, you have skills and knowledge that you could be sharing in your neighborhood and family. I encourage you to accept that opportunity and experience for yourself the joy that I have been able to experience.