Toenail fungus, as we’ve mentioned in other posts is an invasive fungus that resembles athletes foot. A sneaky fungus that can hide from you for awhile simply because you’re too busy to check your feet if there is no discomfort. Then, the day comes when the toenail fungus takes over so much that the ugly nail can’t be disguised by nail polish and the itching or pain gets your attention. Now, there’s a problem that you are well aware of.

Toenail fungus has a cycle of ‘blooming’ that can be interrupted with treatment. Some cases will respond solidly to the treatment protocol and never return. Some are persistent and we have to stay with the treatment practices that are planned out during your first visit.

Recently, Dr. Dan Walman, DPM, was interviewed on Meet the Masters about his procedures for treating toenail fungus with laser. Dr. Walman was a leader in the application of laser treatment to toenail fungus. Cool laser does its part of killing active episodes of blooming after I had applied debridement of the crumbling layer of the nail. The laser is an external conservative treatment that is effective without the side effects of strong fungicides, either internal or external.

I agree with Dr. Walman’s policies of having the you, the patient, understand how the fungus is working against you and how you can be a part of your treatment plan. Working together, we can make strides against toenail fungus before it spreads to other toes or causes you permanent damage. Fungus is everywhere. If it has set up ‘business’ in the multi-layers of any of your toes, it is planning to stay. Working together, we can discourage it and even beat it. This is more than shining the laser on the toe and having it all go away. Anyone who tells you that is all that is necessary is leading you astray. But, the treatment plans we set up are not difficult…they just take the dedication of both of us to meet our goal.

While toenail fungus is ugly, it is also contagious. Both of those aspects can affect friendships and relationships because no one wants to spread the problem to other people. And plenty of other people aren’t interested in receiving the gift of toenail fungus. Everyone is uncomfortable. Sandal days are coming for both women and men. Starting now, we can make progress against the toenail fungus that is attempting to cause miserable distraction for your life.

Call 317-660-2115 today for a consultation at Hoosier Foot and Ankle about the way toenail fungus is irritating you. I’ll show you how the CoolBreeze­™ laser works on the toenail fungus in our in-office treatment conditions and how there is no downtime for recovery from the treatments.