When you’re working on home improvement projects or even maintenance around your place, such as mowing, the tasks often come at times of ‘hurry’. You have a lot going on and you just want to get to that home project and get it finished. Sometimes you end up with grease or grass stains on good clothes because there didn’t seem time to change.

Your feet can be of more concern, as discussed in an article featured in the Jan. 2 PM News (daily reports from Podiatry Management Online) with comments from Dr. Joseph M. Caprousso, DPM, president of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). The article points out that construction workers don’t wear high-heels — most likely more for safety on the job than because that would be a kinky fashion statement. When you are setting out to do projects to improve or maintain your home, even something that should be over in 20 minutes or less, take time to stash the flip-flops and put on stable shoes. Flip-flops clearly leave toes, heels and other foot surfaces vulnerable to sharp objects. They also offer no support and can slip, working against you on slopes or wet areas.

There are other shoe styles that compete with the flip-flops to do you wrong in the DIY tasks. Women wearing even what seem to be reasonable heels or strap shoes can incur ankle injuries because the ground can be uneven (darned gophers and moles) or heels can sink into the ground by surprise.

I know your life is hectic and you have an overfull schedule. Please consider a resolution to take two minutes to change into stable and safer shoes before taking on the projects that will make your home more attractive and comfortable.

In the event that you forget and have an issue, remember that we’re not going to be critical. We’re here at Hoosier Foot and Ankle, ready to help you with emergencies and injuries. Call us at 317-660-2115