Along with other freshman House members, Dr. Brad Wenstrup, DPM and Ohio 2nd District U.S. Representative was sworn in to office surrounded by family. Dr. Wenstrup described the ceremony as “very emotional and amazing” during interviews reported by PM-News of Podiatry Management.

I’ve followed Dr. Wenstrup’s candidacy for the past few months and have been proud to have another podiatry professional involved in the government of our country. Dr. Wenstrup has enjoyed the support and encouragement of other practitioners in the podiatric field and other medical field.

According to the articles, Dr. Wenstrup will be serving on on the House Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs Committees. His admirable military career will stand him in good stead on these committees.

He also reportedly will plan to become active in a caucus of GOP doctors to make an effort to work on health care issues.

Dr. Wenstrup, in his podiatry practice, has specialized on ankle and foot injuries with Wellington Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine.

Congratulations again and best wishes as a Representative, Dr. Wenstrup.