mapHoosier Foot and Ankle has five clinics in the Indianapolis area for your convenience. Using a flexible schedule of morning and afternoon hours, we can set up dependable appointments for patients at a clinic near their basic location.

In 2012, we were sad to have Dr. Shirley Catoire leave us, but happy for her in an opportunity to move to St. Louis. Dr. Anthony Jagger has joined me so that patient needs can continue to be met.

The staff at each of the five clinics, Carmel, IN, Columbus, INFranklin, IN,Greenwood, IN and Shelbyville, IN has training to provide the highest patient/customer care when you call. We’ve been transitioning over to a new system for record keeping with HealthFusion that will let us access the information we need quickly. There is even a patient portal where we can leave a message for you or you can contact us.

While we are ready and able to offer robust surgical or therapeutic treatment for your foot care, we are proud to have laser treatment and EPAT® — Pulse Activation Shockwave Therapy for in-office treatments that minimize your recovery and downtime.

We’re still working on that EQ/IQ brace, smart treatment for Equinus. Good things aren’t rushed and we’re making all the proper efforts to get it right the first time.

With the mission trip to Haiti as a topper for activity in 2012, we’re looking forward to 2013. This year has gone by so fast; you’ve, the patients, have all made it fun and rewarding.We appreciate it most when you tell your family and friends about the quality of treatment and convenience of the five clinics for good old Midwestern Foot Care.

You can choose the clinic that suits you best when calling 317-660-2115 for an appointment. Or you can choose when you use the online appointment request option available 24/7 for your convenience. The map will help you relate to the clinic locations.

Thank you again for being the best patients in the country in 2012!