little-angelThe holidays are in full swing with long hours spent on your feet shopping, walking from store to store in the mall, Then you will enjoy a few more hours spent at delightful parties, standing around the buffet visiting with friends.

Because it is winter, you may be wearing warm fleece-lined boots or shoes for the shopping. Your favorite, glittery ‘toe pinchers’ for both ladies and gentlemen. The shoes are just part of the process and I’m not criticizing the choices.

But, when you get home from the mall with tired, overheated feet and very tired legs because of the weight involved, give yourself an early gift treat by planning for a mini-soak and home-pedi for your feet. A mild warm foot soak in a small plastic tub, gentle pumice for the heels, then massage some lotion in. The drier winter weather can make all skin, but especially feet, thirsty for the soft caress of lotion.

The glittery party shoes can come out for special events, but can cause problems when they become your everyday shoes. Often the toe boxes are flatter and may be pointed, putting unreasonable pressure on toes and toenails. After the party is over and the glittery shoes are back in their boxes awaiting the next event, your feet will love another mini-soak and massage.

A quick mini-soaking tub can be an inexpensive plastic dishpan that is easy to place in a comfortable place for use and not difficult to store between uses.

Judy has been busy again with the possibilities of holiday decorations using foot shapes. The Angel Christmas Decoration Craft uses foot and shoe shapes, plus hand shapes to create some creative angel decorations. Plus, she has a pdf of the directions at Ozarks Mystique ( for easy download. We hope kids of all ages will enjoy the craft project with one another.