stick_figure_limpingAre you ready for a new year without foot pain? We’re on your side. When you call and get your foot in the door, we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll be glad to help you set up a consultation that determines what is causing your foot pain. Then, we can develop a treatment plan.

Some issues will respond to orthotics and therapy. We’re trained to make sure you get exactly the orthotic system that you need. Just grabbing something off the shelf without better understanding of the foot pain cause can be a waste of resources and money.

Other conditions can be treated with our in-office, quick recovery treatments. We have cool laser treatments for toenail fungus, plantars warts and more. In addition, the Pulse Activation/Shockwave Therapy (EPAT®) can relieve several conditions including plantar fasciittis, achilles tendonitis and that big bug-a-boo — unidentifiable heel pain. The treatments are available in our offices and help you avoid unnecessary surgery or increased use of pain relievers.

Some issues require different levels of surgery from minor to major. We’re trained and experienced to perform the type that will help you get relief from foot pain and get back in action.

Call 315-660-2115 for an appointment today. Go through 2013 without foot pain. If you are a new patient, you can find the preliminary forms on our website which will help you get a head start on that first consultation appointment. We’ll be so glad to see you!