turkeyTis the season for the turkey trot. Enjoying a brisk autumn run with friends and community can provide a chance to share many things with our neighbors. Sometimes the title Turkey Trot is changed to colorful terms such as Drumstick or Wishbone. Quite frequently the registration fee and/or runner sponsorships are intended as donations for a chosen charity. As the season moves deeper into shorter days, the exercise helps combat the low-light conditions that can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Cooler weather increases the benefits of a good warm-up before the run as discussed in last week’s post about  Happier Running.  Because community organizers want these events to be pleasant, many include walking and stroller groups as well as running, so it isn’t necessary to be a serious runner to get out of doors and utilize the energy from your holiday meal.

This year in Indianapolis area, the Drumstick Dash celebrates “ten years of moving our feet so others can eat”. Donations support the Wheeler Mission Ministries. The 30th (and final) Crown Hill Turkey Trot donations will benefit St. Vincent DePaul and Crown Hill Heritage Foundation. This run is scheduled for the Crown Hill Cemetery. There is a full slate of running activities (SIXTY events) for the rest of November and into December (Reindeer Romp) to be found at IndyRunners.org

Last year, Judy found a turkey decoration pattern using the shapes of hands and feet. This year she expanded the idea to another video, plus a download pdf at Ozarks Mystique, adding some autumn leaf craft ideas. We hope young and old enjoy creating a Thanksgiving Turkey Decoration.

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