jack_o_lanternsThe upcoming Halloween holiday has become a kids’ night out in America. Every year, neighborhoods prepare treats to share with kids who parade through the streets wearing their favorite costumes. Halloween has become an extreme celebration and big business.

When your kids are going trick or treating or venturing out to young parties to enjoy their friends and enjoy dressing up like their favorite hero or princess or spooky character, there are some precautions that I would like to recommend.

Promote safety for your children by having them celebrate in your neighborhood where you know the people. One neighborhood offers enough treats for the average child. Go with your children on their walk around the neighborhood. Plan a parade where all the parents can get photos and watch their kids have fun. If there is no open space such as a village square, a loop around the area of the school bus stop or someone’s back yard hospitality can make a good location for a safe celebration. When parents go out walking with their trick or treaters, there is more gained than safety…the connection between parents and kids is priceless.

Some costumes will have unusual shoes or boots that aren’t very supportive for the kids. Try to get your kids to wear supportive shoes, preferably with blinky lights in the heels or with reflective tape added to them to avoid turned ankles or wounds from sticks and stones as they are outside walking.

While you are getting ready for the first big celebration of the season, you and your kids can enjoy the camaraderie of creativity for some Halloween decorations for their room, the front door or school room.

Spooky Foot Ghosts are displayed in the video. Plus, you can download a pdf file at that Spooky Foot Ghosts link showing the way you can have some fun, spooky decorations around for Halloween using your foot shape.