Hammertoe discomfort can lead you to one of the five Hoosier Foot and Ankle clinics about as quick as anything. The joints in the problem toe are pain sources. The bend in the toe often rubs against the toe box on your shoe, leading to more callus or blisters which equal pain. Plus, it feels like every toe on your foot has gone crazy with pain and that more than one may need correction to get you back on your feet.

Your initial consult at the clinic will lead to a treatment plan. One of the most important things I will be looking for is a domino effect where the hammertoe is spreading its misery to other toes. But those toes may be normal and not compromised if the hammertoe were corrected.

The ‘guilty’ hammertoe has been pressing on other toes, pulling yet other toes and generally making all of your foot work harder and longer to get your steps accomplished. One thing just led to another as the hammertoe became more compromised and began passing that misery on to the surrounding toes. When the hammertoe is brought to order, the other toes will recover simple from removing the irritant and not require surgical treatment individually. When I find this domino situation in your exams, I will propose a plan of treatment that doesn’t invade normal bone without just cause.

Strange as it may seem, using a corrective procedure, including surgery to fix the hammertoe alone may take longer to get you back where you want to be than if I were to perform surgery on the other painful toes. But, in the long run, studies show that your hammertoe correction will be positive longer without future problems with the other toes. in conscientious treatment, I want to avoid operating on the non-pathological toes even though on the surface it is easier for me and can lead to easier recovery for you. Operating on normal bone will lead to problems down the road that are well documented.

That documentation will be taken into consideration when plotting out your treatment plan. If the other toes need treatment, they will be treated with my best skills. If they don’t need treatment, they will be tenderly left alone. We’ll coach you through the procedures that will have you on the long term path.

When hammertoe is making life miserable for the rest of your foot, call 317-660-2115 for an appointment or use the online appointment request option available 24/7 for your convenience.  We will sort out the toes for the proper treatment of each one.

I wrote an article about this approach at PodiatryToday.com There are a lot of medical terms that you may find boring, but you’re welcome to read the backup for my advice.