As mentioned in an earlier post, there are some tasks the surgery patient and family can take on which help make recovery easier. In “Surgery Recovery | Prepare and Plan Ahead“, I suggest some things such as journaling the experience to help you pass the time of recovery.

Recovery comes with some small burdens:

  • doctor’s orders for weight bearing activity,
  • use the tools that your doctor recommends such as crutches, canes or braces,
  • wear the protective boots or shoes or sandals to keep your foot safe from after surgery injury.

These things may seem to be burdensome, but using the directions and tools and protection can help you avoid serious injury that can undo the surgery that is going to change your foot’s future.

So, enjoy a few pastimes while you recover and take proper care of yourself and your treatment situation to obtain the speediest recovery possible.

At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, we look for the best treatment plan for each patient. Some are conservative and do not involve surgery. If surgery is required, we are trained and experienced to deliver the treatment needed. Give us a call at 317-660-2115 for a consultation about your concerns about your feet. If you get your foot in the door, we’ll do the rest.