2012_american_flagI’ve been observing and encouraging the efforts of Dr. Lee Rogers, DPM who is a candidate for Congress in California. I am, along with other colleagues, pleased to see a podiatrist taking the opportunity to draw the country’s attention to our field and support Dr. Rogers’ campaign.

In a recent issue of PM News entitled “CA Podiatrist Appoints High School Student to Electoral College” I learned that Dr. Rogers was featured last week in a Ventura County Star article (Michelle Willer-Allred 9/14/12) because he has appointed Royal High School senior, Chris Tumbeiro to the Electoral College. Tumbeiro will be one of two 18 year old voters who are members of the national Electoral college and will be making the final vote for President of the United States. According to Dr. Rogers’, Tumbeiro is the only high school student known to have been selected as a member of the Electoral College.   Ventura County Star article entitled: “Calif. high schooler chosen for Electoral College

I congratulate Dr. Rogers on choosing a young voter who should have a long future interest in our country’s political system. I wish Dr. Rogers success in his candidacy.

While Dr. Rogers would be serving our country as a Congressman, Dr. Anthony Jagger and I will continue working with patients here at Hoosier Foot and Ankle with five clinics in the Indianapolis area.  Patients, “Get your foot in the door and we’ll take care of the rest”.