callus-messengerCalluses start out with the best of intentions. Things that we do put our feet at risk; our body starts accumulating dead skin cells in one ‘pad’ to protect our feet from various issues.

SHOES: Wrong size!  Maybe we desired a vanity size, didn’t try the shoes on, stayed with worn out or broken down clunkers, skipped wearing shoes altogether,

Ill fitting shoes will rub contact areas, creating first a tender sore spot. If it doesn’t blister, very likely a callus will build up trying to keep some distance between our feet and that rubbing area. When we go barefoot a lot the time, the bottoms of our feet especially are ‘rubbing’ the floors and ground. That just won’t work, so our body makes some effort to build protection.

SOCKS: As we might expect, a layer of socks between our feet and the shoe will help provide a protective surface. But, when the socks don’t fit or are too stretched, they can bunch and create wicked lumps. A hole or poorly mended hole can cause some awesome misery. Make sure you socks are helpers and not part of the problem that leads to blisters or calluses.

ACTIVITY: Heavy labor can give the shoes extra opportunity to chafe against our foot. Running and other very activity can do the same things. Sometimes it is tempting to ‘demote’ shoes from dress-up to every day. The shoes can be a poor choice for labor or exercies. Or ‘demoted’ shoes may be so worn-out by the time they are put to work, which exacerbates the rubbing activity.

Some conditions of the body can contribute to the chance for rubbing that can lead to calluses. You can understand how hammer toe, bunion, over-pronation (rolling-in) or over-supination (rolling out) can put a foot in the wrong place at the wrong time for any shoe. That condition is just begging for a chance to rub a callus or blister.

These conditions can be treated and possibly corrected by your podiatrist. At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, we offer patients a thorough evaluation to determine best plan of treatment when physical conditions are part of the callus problem. We’re capable of helping remove the callus build-up as part of the treatment plan.

If you are making poor choices for shoes and socks and your feet have calluses telling that story, you are in the best position to make changes which will relieve your body from creating little ‘messengers’ telling you something is out of whack.

If you have one or more of the physical conditions mentioned, you can call us at 310-660-2115 for an appointment Or you can use the online appointment request option available 24/7 for your convenience. Together we can get your feet in a condition that helps avoid calluses.