royalfeetThe 2012 Olympics in London were intriguing and interesting to many, including member of the British Royal Family. News articles and broadcasters were on hand when Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, removed her shoes in a pre-Olympic visit to a Judo studio. An observant podiatrist in London, Emma Supple, wrote an open letter to the Duchess with a kind, but candid analysis of her feet.

The incident gave Dr. Supple an opportunity to offer professional advice to another professional who will surely be depending upon her feet for many years to come. The advice should be noted by all people, particularly women who are equally dependent upon their feet while standing or walking throughout their career day and who want to be able to ‘put the best foot forward’ in a pleasant and comfortable direction. The feet of the Duchess of Cambridge and the feet of other women deserve royal treatment to get through life. Bot one of the issues addressed were cosmetic, rather they were aimed at developing a pleasant and less painful future for feet.

Dr. Supple mentioned some conditions such as low arches, bunions, corns, and infections (fungal or bacterial) which can lead to highly painful feet and make a benevolent smile difficult to conjure up. All of these can be addressed in early development through a consultation with your podiatrist. You may find yourself with some ‘heavenly’ orthotics that help balance and support your feet, avoiding painful feet and aching legs. Corns and calluses, as mentioned in an earlier post When Calluses are the Messenger, can be a cry for help from your feet and deserve early attention. Fungus issues can be treated with in-office laser treatment that has no downtime for recovery.

Heels are often neglected, even though they bear the greatest pressure from body weight. Indulging in lotion can help avoid skin build-up and painful cracks or slits. These cracks are also an open invitation to infection and other problems.

Dr. Supple’s open letter was noted in the August 21, 2012 issue of PM News ( and commented upon in the August 22, 2012 issue by Dr. Bret Ribotsky DPM of Meet the Masters. Ribotsky made the point that Dr. Supples advice could bring positive attention and light to the need for professional foot care in some cases and make self-care more stylish and appealing.

Some day, Kate Middleton will be Queen and every subject will want to see a patient, compassionate ruler; having ‘good’ feet can help that happen. At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, the foot of every patient is royalty, even before there was any discussion of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and her feet. We’re glad that this valid celebrity has been a part of drawing attention to the necessity of treating your own feet like royalty, seeking treatment when needed and giving a little TLC on your own.

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