pedicuresPedicures are a luxury, spa-treat for some people. Others who cannot care for their feet due to health issues or other conditions and pedicures are a necessity. For either type, the pedicure is always nice; trimmed and treated feet just plain feel nice.

But, there are, sadly, risks for people at some salons are serious and dangerous. As Dr. Carla Martin, DPM mentioned in a recent interview with Zenata Lowe, reporting for WREG-TV , there is a possibility of error in how much to trim; at some depths, good skin resembles problem skin a great deal. If the trimming goes too deep, the potential for infection increases. Added risks when equipment such as basins, footbaths or other tools, aren’t adequately sterilized. Then bacteria or fungus from past customers can invade the tissue of the present customer.

Dr. Martin has come up with an innovative solution to the risks of poor pedicure situations. She has added Pedi-Spa to the Desoto Foot Care practice in Olive Branch, MS. Using hospital grade cleaning sources, including an autoclave, Dr. Martin can offer 100% sterile conditions for patients needing pedicure services. Patients whose feet and health may already be compromised by conditions such as diabetes or previous injuries.

Dr. Martin’s motto at Desota Foot Care and Pedi-Spa is “Take care of your feet as you only have two.” She offers a holistic approach when treating her patients’ foot issues. The report at WREG-tv was reported in the July 9 issue of Podiatry Management PM News. Dr. Martin wants to keep pedicures for her patients and customers NICE!