big_shoes_to_fillI recommend that you choose shoes for comfort, protection and support of your feet first. Within that guideline, the choices that so often come first, style, colors, price would come into consideration.

These guidelines are for SHOES, not sandals, flipflops or slides. When you’re choosing a full shoe, you want an ample toe box. A narrow, flat toe box or front of the shoe, can result in rubbing and pressure on toes. Rubbing and pressure lead to potential ingrown toenails, infection at the worst; some very uncomfortable toes at the least.

No matter what the size number, if the shoe is at least the width of your thumb longer than your longest toe, the shoe is not going to cause some of the same pressure problems. There are few things that are more uncomfortable than walking around in shoes that are too short with your toes jammed against the end. This is one discomfort that you can easily relieve by choosing shoes that are long enough.

Good arch support is important when choosing running or walking shoes or any shoe that you are going to be wearing and walking in for several hours. Good arch supports help prevent temporary pain from ‘tiredness’ and long term problems from over-pronation and overuse. When your shoe doesn’t support your foot, you tend to walk ‘protectively’ which can lead to pain in other parts of your body as you move to compensate for the poor support.

When you buy shoes, give yourself some time to try on the shoes and walk around the store area to see if they fit properly. If necessary, return them for a pair that fit better. Don’t believe that because you bought that pair of shoes, you have to wear them out. You’re feet should come first; consider donating clean shoes that simple do not fit you properly. Or go the the point of throwing them away. Remember, you only get two good feet, give their care priority over dollars and style.

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