sitting_on_examin_tableDr Jay Berenter DPM recently told R.J. Ignetzi that he believes bunions are not understood. In Berenter’s opinion, the bunions are genetic (as in a foot type, not the actual bunion) and not caused by wearing high-heeled shoes or improperly fit shoes. “A bunion isn’t new bone, it is a change in the angulation — a shift in your metatarsal bone.” Berenter told Ignetzi, whose article was reported in a recent issue of PM News, The Voice of Podiatrists. A bunion won’t go away on its own. You should go to a podiatrist for the persistent pain. Conservative treatment includes ultra sound or massage to help relieve inflammation. Othotics can help while surgery is a last resort treatment.

You know that your bunion pain and annoyance with the choice of shoes available to you are the primary concern on your mind today. It is some relief that the condition isn’t your fault, but getting rid of the pain would be the best relief.

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