stilettosStilettos should not be part of the required office attire…not even close. A medium to low heel is not going to cause great problems and can be found in professional styles. Extremely flat shoes with no heel protection bring their own set of concerns. There has to be a happy medium I support the information posted at BloombergBusinessWeek Lifestyle by Vanessa Wong entitled The Best Office Shoes for Women. The comments are worth reading along with the post.

Referring to information gathered by Katy Bowman author of Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief and bio-mechanical scientist in Ventura California, Wong includes several choices for shoes that appear professional and have recommended support. Bowman takes on the part of some employment contracts and agreements that require the women to wear high heels…a professional appearance probably being the goal of such requirements.

Wong refers to further studies about the importance of wearing comfortable and well-fitting shoes from David Agus, professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. Agus maintains that the knee and foot damage added to internal distraction can be connected to other health issues over time.

We’re also encouraging you to take a personal stand about your feet. In your workplace, insist that you be permitted to wear comfortable, safe, yet professional shoes. In your budget, insist that good shoes be part of your everyday investment. Well built and well fitting shoes often last longer than cheap ones. Poorly made or designed shoes can be costly in the required care from rub-created wounds, ingrown toenail issues and more.

In a 4/29/12 interview for the Columbus Dispatch, (Ohio), Quan Truong talked with Dr. Lori DeBlasi, DPM. DeBlasi commented. “It’s hard to think, in general, that people are so accepting of pain that they don’t question it. Foot pain is not normal,” She doesn’t even like to look at store displays of high heels.

Stiletto-enthusiasts say foot pain is the price you pay for the confidence that comes with wearing high heels. Many women who wear heels every day develop tight Achilles tendons, which can cause back pain and make it more difficult for them to walk barefoot or in flat shoes. As reported in PM-News, a recent survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that 53  percent of women experience foot pain.

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