leading_the_raceI’ve been telling you about my great experience running in the Carmel Marathon 2012. Another part of the pleasure of that Earth Day run besides being involved in a charitable, generous event, the idea of being part of a ‘tribe’ of runners who are also Podiatrists dedicated to delivering the same foot care that we offer the Indianapolis area.

On April 29, 2012, Krista Popowich published an interview in the Marshfield (Wisconsin) News-Herald with Dr. Amy Jaeger who became interested in podiatry after meeting a podiatrist while running in a marathon. That led to a ‘job-shadow’ experience with a podiatrist in her hometown of Stevens Point, WI. She was hooked. “I’m most passionate about diabetic foot care because my father had type-1 diabetes.”, Yaeger was quoted. “I also enjoy sports, especially long-distance running and helping runners with foot problems.” Jaeger earned her medical degree and a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical Center, according to the article reported in PM-News.

Dr. Jaeger is an amazing example for the rest of us.

Lance Bergeson reported in the Des Moines Register about a FUN runner at the Drake Relays half-marathon, Chris Bourke who is a podiatry student at Des Moines University. Dressed from head to foot in an American Flag costume, Bourke pulled the red and white hood off his head to reveal himself as winner to the spectators. He won in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

According to reports of the Register article in PM-New, Bourke ran the 13.1 mile race in a full body suit patterned after the American flag. These publications reported that Bourke said he ran about 4 miles with the hood over his face. “I’ve wanted to run for the USA,” said Bourke, a former University of Delaware runner who is from the Philadelphia area. “The problem was the mask. It was steaming up and I had to keep taking it off (my head). This is not the best material to see through.”

Way to go, Chris. I know many podiatrists who are patriotic, daring and strong who enjoy running. As I said, I’m proud to be part of the ‘podiatry running tribe.’

Along with Dr. Jaeger, I like helping runners who have foot problems or who want to avoid foot problems. If you are a runner with foot issues, please call Hoosier Foot and Ankle 317-660-2115 for a consultation appointment where we can determine a plan for your running future. Foot injuries can occur under other circumstances than running. Don’t neglect a foot or ankle injury.