equinusEQUINUS is a big name for a lot of issues. When the baby has flat feet that make movement difficult when stepping, so baby resorts to walking on tiptoe. That is known as equinus. I don’t recommend aggressive treatment such as surgery for the baby’s flat feet, but have had success with treating the equinus with a supportive gym shoe and monitoring the baby’s feet every six months. After age four, the baby feet make the growth moves from fat and flat to arch development. I work with baby’s parents to get those little feet straightened out while relieving the discomfort that leads to the walking on tiptoe.

Equinus applies to foot pain that began as a splinter from a broken bone or an ankle injury can result in a bone block which hampers ankle motion. Another painful situation that may require surgery to clear the bone block.

Patients with one leg shorter than the other can experience the pain and discomfort of equinus. Muscle spasms that are probably connected to a neurological condition can also be responsible for the pain of equinus.

If you or someone close to you suffers from Equinus that painful tightness that just won’t let your foot motion work the way it should, an appointment at Hoosier Foot and Ankle can get you the diagnosis that is needed to develop a treatment plan. Conservative treatment can involve my new invention, the EQ/IQ brace which lets your equinus condition be treated with specific adjustments and less annoyance than other splint or brace applications. Often the specific and correct adjustment can lead to faster recovery with less time in the brace than with other methods. Dr. Catoire and I are both skilled at evaluating and treating equinus regardless of the cause and with the most recommended treatment plan.

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