carmel-marathonI truly enjoyed Earth Day with other runners at the Carmel Marathon 2012! And, no, I’m not writing to brag about taking first place. I didn’t even come close. What I did win was the action experience.

They say, “A body in motion stays in motion.” and I believe it. While Dr. Catoire and I are ready to treat your foot issues as soon as you can get an appointment made with one of the five Hoosier Foot and Ankle clinics, I strongly encourage you to stay as active as you can under any circumstances.

Our goal is to get you relief from foot conditions that are painful or difficult for you to live with. Call 317-660-2115 today to begin the process to get you a consultation appointment. We will develop a plan of treatment for your specific needs. Or you may use our online appointment option to make your request.

If you are a new patient, we have the new patient forms ready for you online so you may complete them at your convenience. No more perching a clipboard on your knee at the office. You can complete the forms at home and bring them with you when you come to the appointment.

I didn’t win First Place at the Carmel Marathon. But you have FIRST PLACE in our view at our clinics.