achilles-tendonDo you recall when the ankle motion with one or both of your feet stopped cooperating? The lack of flexibility may have started slowly and you actually do not know the day when it began. Or even the day when it became enough of a problem to lead you to make compensation moves such as walking on your toes or lifting your heel early in a step. These conditions may be connected to other leg or back problems that developed slowly as you changed your gait in little ways to accommodate the inflexibility on your ankle and foot. The compensations will contribute to more foot and ankle problems for you.

Various situations have been named as causes leading to equinus. Sometimes the issue is connected to other conditions such as diabetes or cerebral palsy. Sometimes activity such as sports and related injuries are associated with equinus. Some doctors lay responsibility at the step of high heeled shoes or boots.

Relief is something we need to concentrate on getting for you. At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, Dr. Catoire or I will make a thorough study of your situation and develop a plan of treatment. In extreme diagnosis, surgery may be required, but we prefer to try conservative treatment first.

I’ve written to you about this before, but I’ve suffered the misery of equinus connected to a sports injury. During my treatment, I determined that a more efficient and effective conserative treatment option was required — so I invented an adjustable brace for equinus treatment and experimented with non-typical treatment times. I found that an adjustable brace worn at non-typical times for non-typical lengths of time could be successful. Suddenly, we had intelligent equinus treatment.

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Should you be reading this from an area where it isn’t reasonable to come to our clinics, contact your local podiatrist and ask about the EQ/IQ brace. We’re offering doctors and trainers a special discounted price for pre-production orders. Your podiatrist or professional contact can call 317-660-2115 for information.