indiana-podiatryA membership and active participation in the American Podiatric Medical Association and the Indiana Podiatric Medical Association offers multi level support for your doctors.

Through these associations, particularly the Indiana Podiatric Medical Association, we have access to the expertise of other doctors. We also have the encouragement of a group that promotes education for members in new technologies and treatments. We are trained and encourage to educate patients on proper foot care and how that is related to the patient’s overall health.

The Indiana association was organized in 1928 according to the IPMA website with the intention of improving professional standards, arts and sciences of podiatric medicine, and encouraging continued, lifelong education and learning for podiatric professionals.

I am proud to be president of the board of trustees for the Indiana Podiatric Medicine Association. I believe that networking and offering connection between Doctors of Podiatric Medicine brings benefits to the doctors and their patients.

A patient who endures other health issues such as diabetes, will need podiatric expertise to be able to live a full life with as much use of his or her feet as possible. At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, the doctors are all dedicated to providing foot health care which can prevent unnecessary amputation at the furthest chance.

For further diabetic care, through our podiatric networking, we’ve observed that diabetic patients who have foot pain may be suffering from equinus. To add an uncomfortable, sleep disturbing brace to the burdens already borne by the diabetic is not our best practice. This year, because of a personal foot injury which resulted in equinus in my own foot, I developed an adjustable brace that can provide intelligent treatment to equinus. I am proud to make this brace available for sale to other doctors who see the same conditions.

We’re ready to treat emergency sports injuries with the skills we have because of our strong association. We’re dedicated to treating pediatric foot conditions such as club foot with our experience and skill.

As members of the state and national association, we and our patients gain because we are now in a position to learn more. As the example of the brace illustrates, we also are in a position to share information and technology with others for the benefit of their patients.

The organizations that bring podiatrists together are more than a medical political statement, they are useful and practical for both doctors and patients. As president of the board of trustees for the Indiana Podiatric Medicine Association, I want to encourage Indiana podiatrists to join us in our mission to serve the foot care needs of Indiana. Make the decision and contact the association today. If you have questions or reservations, please contact us.

Indiana Podiatric Medical Association
101 W. Ohio Street Suite 780
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317.222.3847 (phone)
317.222.3849 (fax) (email)