Why get a new pair of slippers for Grandma or Grandpa?

  • Slippers are often something they won’t buy for themselves.
  • The favorite old pair may be pretty well worn out and ready for replacement.
  •  A spare pair can be extremely handy. Sometimes a different feel just fills the bill.
  • A pair with tread and support may be just what is needed to get around the house and go get the mail.
  • A pair of soft foot warmers are perfect for a pleasant snug nap.

There are a few things that you can apply to a favorite choice of slippers for Grandma or Grandpa. Safe options when choosing slippers for elderly people include:

  • Support — mules (backless slippers) can increase risks of turned ankles or missed steps when the foot slips off the back of the shoe.
  •  Tread — Too much tread can lead to stumbling, but no tread is a serious slipping risk.
  • Comfort — Soft cuddly but tight vinyl slippers can be too warm and contribute to perspiration. Damp sweaty slippers are no fun. Leather or fabric tops will breathe and be comfortable for a longer time.

Perhaps the slipper will be worn outside by active seniors — getting the mail, slipping over to a neighbor’s for a cup of tea. If your grandma or grandpa are active and independent, you can expect they will be stepping outside without changing shoes. A choice with some tread, water resistance and adequate support in the counter area can help them enjoy your gift even more.

Handmade slippers are often appealing, but crocheted, knitted or sewn slippers are quite often slippery. If wearing them around the house will be a temptation, they make a ppor choice for an elderly person because of the contribution to falls. Handmade slippers are good foot warmers if the wearer is bedfast or chooses them for rest time. Not the safest choice for the active person.

If your gift has to be a surprise and you can’t ask Grandpa or Grandma about sizes or color preferences, you may have to recruit some family help and be observant on your own. Your elderly recipient will appreciate your efforts to choose a safe, comfortable and attractive gift.

At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, we don’t sell slippers, but we do offer quality foot care for you as well as for Grandma and Grandpa at five convenient clinics.  You can call 317-660-2115 for a foot care appointment or use our online appointment request option available 24/7 for your convenience.