giftSlippers or socks that rub spots on anyone’s feet is miserable and dangerous. But, for the diabetic on your gift list there are some little things that you can consider for healthier or safer footwear.

Slippers can be very comforting to bring warmth in situations of reduced circulation. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for comfort — you can add some small, tightly attached decorations to a relatively plain, but well-shaped slipper. Begin your shopping with a search for room, but nothing that sticks out on the sides to contribute to tripping. Support for heels with a firm closure — this is a good place for velcro because laces can spoil everything. A deep toe box allows for clearance, movement and avoids those disastrous tight spots that rub sores. Fuzzy lining might be okay for slippers that are only warn as foot warmers for a short time, but that lining is often synthetic and can lead to excess perspiration. Damp slippers aren’t warm and matted lining is apt to lead to rubbing.

Look for footwear that has no internal seams that can make another place for rubbing.

If you are looking for socks to be worn with slippers or other shoes, think about Smartwool phd® socks (or other wool clothing featuring Merino wool). This product claims to help maintain an inner body temperature that helps reduce sweating and dryer skin. Wool is known as an efficient moisture control and frequently recommended as a clothing choice for next to the skin instead of something synthetic. Cotton is another reasonable natural fiber choice. Socks with knit seams instead of sewn help reduce spots that can rub sores on feet.

Remember that if a sore spot does show up, you should consult your foot care professional as soon as possible. We have five clinics in the Indianapolis area if you are located there. Anyone with foot issues can call 317-660-2115 for a consultation appointment. Or you can use the online appointment request option at our website.

We’re pleased with the VIP program where patients who refer others to Hoosier Foot and Ankle receive a special appointment opportunity that fits special spots with literally no wait time.