Adidas will begin selling their new ‘intelligent’ soccer shoes in the United States on December 1, 2011 while offering them in Latin America, Europe and Asia since mid-November.

The shoe is a make-over of the super light model introduced last year, Adizero f50, marketed as the lightest show on the market at 165 grams for a men’s size 8.5. The new shoe carries a chip inserted beneath the sole which transmits data on maximum speed, distance covered and the number of sprints to a computer or mobile device. The speed cell, “is able to measure speed and distance in all 360-degree movements.” according to an article in Bloomberg/Businessweek entitled Adidas Tries Soccer Shoes That Talk Back.

The article further quotes Thomas Effler, a Frankfurt analyst for WestLB, “The product (at $338) will be a little expensive for young people. However, parents are more willing to pay extra for clothing and shoes than for expensive electronic items. There’s a brand awareness among kids today and parents often pay for it.”

The shoes have been tested in an exhibition game in September 2011 by Lionel Messi, two-time FIFA World Player of the Year. Having the performance data may have more value for professional competitors while being interesting information for friends and peers to compare.

Recently I wrote about keeping your child safe on the soccer courts. The general makeup of soccer shoes can offer insufficient support to the foot, no matter what brand. Reviews of soccer shoes indicate the better shoes usually come in three types; cleats for firm ground which are a good all around choice, soft ground, which are used for wet fields, especially and hard ground which are aimed at artificial turf (the hg cleats are often called ‘turfs.’

If the shoes you’ve chosen for your child do not have built in heel cups, protect your kids’ feet by obtaining heel cups. Remember, you want to absorb shock when the heel hits the ground with all the pressure of a running step.

Good, well-fit shoes are the primary goal. Adding a set-up that collects performance data is gear that can be fun, but isn’t likely to be essential to soccer fun.

When injuries do occur or if heel pain is persistent, call 317-6600-2115 for an appointment at Hoosier Foot and Ankle to determine the cause of the problem. There may be something going on that is not related to the shoes. Or you may use the online appointment option available 24/7 for your convenience.