winterAs the winter moves closer and we’re trying to function with less daylight for a few weeks, activity remains important. Planning can help us get the most out of our resources during lower temperatures and light.

No matter what activity level belongs to you, there are some good tips about choosing shoes, socks, warm-up techniques and more in this article written for by Dr. Christine Dobrowolski, DPM MS of Northcoast Footcare, entitled Winter Running: Helping your Feet Survive.

Activity of some sort will be good for your feet during the winter. When the weather is snowy and icy, then you may be limited to the gym, laps at the mall, or a route around the inside of your house. Choosing good fitting shoes or proper socks are part of a good plan for safe, comfortable activity.

If you have foot pain, particularly heel pain, call today for an appointment and exam before taking on a vigorous activity program. Or if you’ve suffered an injury while trying to remain active, you can call 317-660-2115 or feel free to use the online appointment request option available 24/7 for your convenience. At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, we’re committed to helping you find relief from foot pain and to help you avoid injuries or situations that can cause pain for your feet.