I wrote an article for PodiatryToday.com regarding taping in some situations when addressing foot pain, injury and other conditions.

For you, as a patient, ‘taping’ is the application of tape to control movement and support your foot. You may have experienced taping when in school sports. I will frequently use tape when evaluating your foot injury to try to get relief for you in a non-surgical manner.

Equinus stretching and anti-inflammatory medication added to tape can give relief early and possibly be the treatment of choice. The same can be applied to tendonitis. With tape I can tell if an orthoses is working for your foot condition…I can tell quickly if the othoses needs more correction.

Taping and applying ‘biomechanics’ lies at the base of unique podiatric medicine. Podiatrists learn the benefits of biomechanics in the patient’s foot and ankles when considering specific conditions or pathologies. That can include the injury situation for athletes and long-term conditions that arise regardless of lifestyle, but which can sure interfere with athletic pursuits and become aggravated with vigorous activity.

In the article, I describe some of the precedures I learned from my mentor, the late Dr. Richard Lundeen, DPM to achieve successful taping. The techniques I learned from Dr. Lundeen were taught to him by Dr. Jack Glick, DPM and apparently originated in California. At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, we are experienced and prepared to diagnose and prescribe surgery when needed. We are also enthusiastic about less aggressive treatment such as taping, orthotics, EPAT® and the new EQ/IQ brace that I developed for the treatment of equinus.

We are available for treatment of injuries from sports, work or other situations, plus foot pain related to health conditions. You don’t have to suffer pain without being able to contact a dedicated foot care (Podiatrist) doctor. Call 317-660-2115 for an appointment or use the online appointment request option available 24/7 for your convenience at our website. We will proceed with a diagnosis that will help you get relief from foot pain.