As Autumn is moving in fast – there has been little to no transitional weather – we’re packing the sandals away and getting out the sneakers, boots, loafers and SOCKS.

During the sandal days of summer, you wanted to get ahead of toenail fungus in order to have attractive bare feet in those breezy sandals. Toenail fungus was right there on the radar because your feet were out in the open. However, those breezy sandals, along with treatments such as the CoolBreeze laser were helpful in moving toward getting rid of the toenail fungus.

Toenails are now, for the cold season, moving back into the darkness and potential moisture of closed shoes and socks. They are more vulnerable to fungus that isn’t beneficial, but which destroys toe nails, causes pain and discomfort along with unattractive feet.

You can help by not neglecting some of the first signs of toenail fungus – white or yellow spots on the toenails that doesn’t go away. When these symptoms along with itching, pain or other discomfort make you suspicious, please make and appointment with Hoosier Foot and Ankle to have a thorough diagnosis and determine what is causing the symptoms.

Additionally, You can plan to keep your feet out in open air for a short time during the day. Keeping your sock supply ample and clean so that you can change socks at least once a day is another way to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Remember you can call our office at 317-660-2115 to arrange for an appointment or you can use the online appointment request option available 24/7 for your convenience. We understand that foot pain and issues do not follow the typical business hours. Should diagnosis determine that toenail fungus is the problem for your feet, we can set up a system of treatments given right in the clinic for even greater convenience to you.