As the weather cools off and the sandals go to the back of the closet, you may have some pain and irritation from calluses and corns. The ‘full-coverage’ shoes seem to apply pressure on tender spots that can send pain clear up your leg.

We have an article in the Resources pages of our Hoosier Foot and Ankle website that explains how calluses can get started and how they continue to deliver misery. Corns and Calluses

Proper fitting shoes can be one of the first lines of defense against corns and calluses. A little tender treatment of your feet with soaking, pumice and lotion will help you too. If a sore spot develops, you can get some relief from a donut shaped foam pad for a corn which sets up a little fortress around the tender spot while the hole avoids pressure on the corn. Solid, non-medicated corn pads or moleskin can help with a callus. Use gentle procedures when removing these to apply a fresh pad so that you don’t tear the skin and invite infection.

The highest relief comes from treatment at the podiatrist. Our office is set up to trim these painful spots safely. Pain relief is immediate when there is no thickness of skin to rub against the shoe.

Call 317-660-2115 today to make an appointment to get pain relief for your feet through the holiday season and longer. Or you are welcome to use the online appointment request option available 24/7 for your convenience. That is very handy when you get home in the evening and the corns or calluses have just reached the limit of tolerance for you. When the pain is ‘top-of-mind’, get online and request an appointment. We’ll get you set up.