At five locations – each of which is convenient for different patients, my team and I have set up a system that gives you the best foot care that we can. Our goal at each clinic is to be consistent, capable and caring.

We will consistently bring you thorough examination and proper diagnosis. When the treatment plan is determined, we are capable of delivering the necessary treatment. We are skilled at surgery when needed for flat feet, club feet, bunions and more; laser treatment for toenail fungus, and EPAT® (Shockwave) treatment for heel and foot pain. Many of our procedures can be completed right in the office.

We, as an entire team, care about delivering podiatric treatment so that our patients can have healthy feet which work for them as feet were intended to work. The team is headed by two experienced and capable Doctors of Podiatric Medicine – trained and taught to care for your feet.

The five clinic locations are around the Indianapolis area – Carmel, Columbus, Greenwood, Franklin and Shelbyville. We planned the number of clinics for convenience at a time when the economy didn’t demand quite so much efficiency. Now we are more happy than ever that we can offer patients a choice that is both convenient and efficient for them.

Call 317-660-2115 today to arrange for an appointment at the clinic of your choice. Or you may use our Online Appointment Request option available 24/7 in another effort to provide convenience and efficiency for you.