There are several ways to deal with scar tissue which can limit movement and lead to even more discomfort and problems.

In your plan to become active again, EPAT® (Pulse Activated Shock Wave Therapy) can be administered in the doctor’s office and can work toward the breakup of scar tissue, heel spurs, muscle spasms and the pain or limited motion associated with any of these.

At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, the doctors are qualified to determine how EPAT® will work for you, set up a plan for treatment in any of our five clinics and give you the treatment right there in the clinic.

Other scar tissue options include:

Acupuncture: The Acupuncturist, intending to relieve the scar tissue by inserting needles appropriately – into the tough scar tissue in an effort to break it up and increase blood flow to the affected area. Your acupuncturist would consult you in how many sessions are needed to reduce the scar tissue. It can range from 6-10 sessions.

Surgery: Your doctor may recommend surgery for a quick fix for severely limited motion. When the adhesions are removed, relief is immediate and can last from a few months to a year. Each person’s body will respond differently to surgery and the scar tissue will come back. Scar tissue forms whenever there is a cut or injury as a replacement tissue. The surgery is just such a cut which brings its own scar tissue as the incision heals.

Massage Therapy: Deep tissue and neuromuscular therapists may be trained to work along muscle fibers to loosen and break-up the scar tissue. This loosening will permit some flexibility. Scar tissue will likely return but usually lays down more linear than when originally formed.

Consistent weekly treatment for a couple months can break up the scar tissue enough to relieve pain.

Magnetic Therapy: Use of a magnetic product in the affected area will greatly increase mobility. Magnetic Therapy seems to work very well for knee problems. Magnetic therapy can work rapidly and will last from a week to a few months, depending upon how often the magnetic product on scar tissue.

Scar tissue alone doesn’t cause inflammation. Conditions such as re-injury or over-stress can lead to formation of more scar tissue. Increased scar tissue leads to less motion and flexibility and possibility inflammation. Blood flow to the muscle tissue is reduced even more and the muscle can begin to deteriorate.

Proper diagnosis is important before proceeding with any therapy. You can call 317-660-2115 to arrange for a consultation regarding your scar tissue treatment. Or you may use the online appointment request at our website available 24/7 for your convenience. We can administer EPAT® therapy at any of our five clinics. Call today for your consultation appointment and get things rolling for your relief from the restrictions of scar tissue. You can learn more about EPAT® at Indiana Shockwave website.