The late Richard O. Lundeen was my mentor. His teaching, guidance and example are largely responsible for the mission at Hoosier Foot and Ankle to be passionate about delivering innovative foot care solutions to you, our patients.

I was honored to have Dr. Lundeen as a podiatry patient….finding him to be an ‘impatient’ patient with his own surgery recovery. He was typical of doctors in that aspect.

I wrote a memorial blog post about Dr. Lundeen’s leadership in podiatric medicine – making the field so much better for patients with that leadership. You can read more about his contribution to podiatric medicine as well as to my own practice and life at

The post is entitled “In Memory of Richard O. Lundeen, DPM”. Again, I have benefited from knowing and learning from Dr. Lundeen and you have benefited from that mentorship as well. Please take a moment and read about a great man.