Diabetes patients are, according to pertinent studies, are more likely to suffer with equinus. I discussed these studies in a post at PodiatryToday.com entitled “Why Do We Overlook Equinus in Patients in Diabetes.

Yet, it seems that too often diabetic patients are treated for mycotic toenails and we debride these nails and their calluses, thrust them into diabetic shoes and orthotics, while telling them to pay attention to their feet and beware wounds.

In the article I discuss these choices and challenge you to research, study your patients. See if you too find that too many diabetic patients are showing equinus symptoms which are being neglected. These patients deserve better and we as doctors of podiatric medicine have the skill and expertise to give them relief.

I again challenge you to read the articles:

Electron microscopic investigation of the effects of diabetes mellitus on the Achilles tendon. By WP Grant, R Sullivan, and DE Sonenshine, et al. J Foot Ankle Surg. 1997; 36(4):272.
Ankle equinus deformity and its relationship to high plantar pressure in a large population with diabetes mellitus. By LA Lavery, DG Armstrong, & AJ Boulton – J Am Podiatr Med Assoc. 2002; 92(9):479.
Tendo Achilles lengthening and its effect on foot disorders. By TE Sgarlato, J Morgan, HS Shane, A. Frenkenberg – J Am Podiatry Assoc. 1975; 65(9):849-71.

These studies have findings of the frequent combination of diabetes and equinus symptoms. More findings discuss treatment and relief for the diabetic patient. We have the opportunity to learn and improve our practices. We have the opportunity to put the patients into a brace and get them started toward recovery.