I have designed a new brace for the treatment of equinus. Here are some of the highlights of the brace. Patients will not have to sleep in this. I am recommending using the brace 1/2 hour in the morning and 1/2 hour evening (15 minutes each of Gasctroc/Soleus and isolated Soleus).

IQ/EQ is an ambulatory brace that has a negative heel rocker sole which matches the amount of ankle flexion of 5, 10 or 15 degrees. There are hinges at the knee and ankle. The ankle hinge allows the doctor to set the exact degree of dorsiflexion in 5 degree increments. The knee hinge allows the knee to be locked into full extension; it can also be broken down to allow isolation of the soleus muscle. The wedge under the toe is to engage the Windlass mechanism to stretch the plantar fascia. The wedges for this will come in 35, 50 and 70 degrees.

I recently debuted the IQ/EQ brace at the AMPA convention in Boston. A presentation to my peers explained my motivation for inventing the brace – I had a personal foot injury where this type of treatment could be very effective.

Doctors, you can pre-order IQ/EQ braces for your patients. I can offer more than a $30 discount for pre-production orders. The price for the limited pre-production brace will be $170.00 with free shipping. Payment will be deferred until shipping day. Later the price will return to $200. Production begins soon; please contact me at 317-660-2115 or leave a message on the Hoosier Foot and Ankle website with your information. I will get back to you promptly with ordering details.

If you are suffering with foot pain from injuries or equinus, please contact our office for a consultation appointment. Or if you are working with a different podiatrist, please show this information to your doctor to get the ordering process in motion for you.