Our team is committed to delivering Innovative Podiatric Care to our patients and community.

The staff are trained in multiple facets of good podiatry — diagnosis, treatment plan development, surgery, laser treatment for toenail fungus, pulse-activated shockwave treatment for pain and customer care.

We have FIVE clinics to make offer convenient access to patients throughout the area.

Dr. Shirley Catoire, DPM as well as the the nursing and office staff join me in the philosophy of having PASSION for patients and your foot care needs so that we can offer SOLUTIONS to you as you seek relief from foot pain and injury for yourself, family and friends. We all are watching for new INNOVATIVE PODIATRIC CARE tools that we can apply as we serve you. I am active in inventing new equipment, such as the new EQ/IQ brace or modifying present equipment to meet your foot care needs.

Your foot care needs have precedence at Hoosier Foot and Ankle. Call 317-660-2115 today to make an appointment to get relief from foot pain. Or use our online appointment request form available 24/7 for your convenience. Foot pain doesn’t keep business hours! You can request an appointment when the moment of need has your uppermost attention.

Please contact us with questions about our innovative tools and services. We’ll be glad to update you on theCoolBreeze™ laser equipment or the EPAT® pulse activated shockwave treatments along with our newest — the EQ/IQ brace for intelligent management and treatment of equinus.

Our Passion — Your Solution — Innovative Podatric Care