Last week you read a blog post here entitled Amputation is Not the “Lost Cause” Solution, about an article written by Dr. Shirley Catoire, DPM and Dr. Peter A. Blume, DPM and Dr. Bauer E. Sumpio, MD , which was published in under the title “When Amputation is the Salvage Procedure.

The crux of that article was about the salvage gain that can come from a decision to amputate. So often, amputation of a limb or part of it seems like a defeat in the treatment plan.

But, the incidence of some catastrophic accidents or infections due to peripheral arterial disease is a very real issue. Being able to make the treatment plan and amputate part of a foot such as occurred for the patient in the video means the patient can survive, can recover and possibly be mobile in the future.

Comments at our YouTube channel indicate that after the dreaded amputation has been accomplished, the future for a patient who recovers from the amputation has promise and comfort.

Granted, we choose amputation after making other attempts to accomplish a successful healing of foot conditions. But, sometimes, when pre-emergency efforts fail, then we can see a different type of success for the patient.

Avoid accidents when you can. Pay attention to peripheral arterial conditions before gangrene can set in. These efforts can help more than anything to prevent amputation.

When you have an emergency injury, call 800-315-1363 for help with your needs. Call for a consultation if you are fighting peripheral arterial issues. I am, with the new associate, Dr. Catoire, ready to help you at any of our five podiatry clinics in the Indianapolis area.

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