feet-collage“I’ve been hanging out at the pool, gardening, and living in sandals through the hottest month on record. My feet are gross and it’s too hot to hide them in full shoes. What can I do?”

Having pretty feet may seem like an impossible task on your never ending to do list, but with a few simple and inexpensive steps you will be able to “bare” your feet without embarrassment.

  1. Start by soaking your feet twice a week for 10 to 15 minutes in lukewarm water mixed with a bath or table salt.
  2. Dry your feet well.
  3. Remove any toenail polish and use a nail brush to clean your nails.
  4. Soak your feet again for 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. For calluses or corns, carefully use a pumice stone or callus remover while your feet are moist and the skin is very soft.
  6. After drying your feet again, moisturize your feet with a good foot cream. Massage your feet while applying the cream working from the toes to the ankle. It is important to avoid using the cream between the toes as this can cause too much moisture and encourage fungal infections.
  7. When trimming your toenails, use a good quality nail trimmer following the shape of the toenail to guide you.
  8. Lightly rub olive oil on your nails and cuticles to moisturize them.
  9. Push your cuticles back with a cuticle stick. Do not trim your cuticles as this can break the natural barrier that protects the nail growth center from potential infections.
  10. Use a cotton ball to dry off your nails and the surrounding skin.
  11. You may now paint your nails, applying the first coat and letting it dry completely before applying the second coat.

Make this time your time and enjoy it. Consider your environment and create a relaxing space with candles, music and comfort.

Special considerations for your feet:

Athlete’s Foot — Try an anti-fungal cream for two weeks with acute cases and four weeks for chronic cases for your athlete’s foot. Moisture control is important for prevention of recurrence. Spray Lysol in your shoes and showers to kill fungus.

Calluses — Consider an over-the-counter arch support to reduce pressure if you have calluses.

Excessive Moisture — After showering each morning you should use an antiperspirant spray after drying your feet completely. Spray the tops and bottoms of your toes and the sole of your feet.

Nail Fungus — For mild cases, topical medications may be helpful. For more severe cases, Hoosier Foot and Ankle offers cool laser treatment in the clinic. Before doing treatment for nail fungus, get a solid diagnosis as Athletes Foot can act a lot like Nail Fungus. – Read more at As with athlete’s foot, moisture control is important for prevention of recurrence and spraying Lysol in your shoes and showers to fungus will help.

Odor – Odor is often controlled when you control moisture, but you can also use an odor repelling powder.

Footwear — Wear proper shoes that are fitted by a trained professional.

Warts – Use either a topical acid patch or freezing therapy – this may require multiple treatments or professional care. Again, wiping your shoes out with Lysol will also help remove any viruses that may be in your shoes or showers.