baseballkidDo you have a child who suffers from heel pain? Has it gotten so bad they are unable to participate in their favorite sport? They are not alone. There are other boys and girls who suffer from heel pain that can get so painful; they are unable to continue with their normal activities. The pain is due to an inflammation .

There is growing evidence that this heel pain is caused by their sports footwear. The worst culprits tend to be cleat sports such as, soccer, football and baseball/softball. Why? Most cleats do not have a midsole and the weight distribution of the heel is not spread out evenly as in a gym shoe.

Soccer cleats are the worst of the group. When you add in the amount of running on hard ground associated with soccer, it is obvious that these athletes are the most affected group by heel pain.

The shoe companies need to acknowledge this problem and build a much better cleat; if one does they will dominate the cleat market. As your kids are getting ready for back to school sports programs, a consultation at Hoosier Foot and Ankle can help you determine some preventative plans such as stretching exercises, heel pads or arch supports. If the additional gear is recommended, the exercises become more important. You can  help even more by being sure the child has good sneakers to wear steadily.    Have him or her avoid very much barefoot time or flip-flops and slides during the sports season.

If your child has heel pain already please call today for a consultation about treatment. We would recommend the least invasive treatment that fits the diagnosis. You can phone 800-315-1363 for an appointment or use the online appointment request option available 24/7 for your convenience.