When someone comes to me with serious heel or foot pain involving plantar faciitis, that is an ‘acute’ situation. I believe in taking some measures, usually non-invasive to aim for pain relief.

At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, the patient may be treated on two stages. After consultation, I would determine these stages. One stage is labeled ‘acute’ – in my opinion, pain represents a critical point of the plantar faciitis condition. Before further treatment can be accomplished, the pain must be brought under control. Using taping and anti-inflammatory medication can bring relief. The cure hasn’t been accomplished; now the patient is ready for the next stage of treatment. I would set the patient up with a long-term treatment program that involves orthoses.

I wrote a more in-depth article about this process at PodiatryToday which was published online recently. Why Orthotics Are Not the Answer to Plantar Fasciitis.

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