Plantar Warts are painful warts caused by a virus and which occur on the bottom of the sufferers’ feet. The laser treatment shown in the video lets the wart be removed without acid burning or surgery both of which may not be successful. The laser treatment avoids scars and has a high success rate. After each treatment with the laser, the wart tissue is debrided or scraped off in the clinic. If you or someone you know suffers from painful plantar warts, please call the office to make an appointment for a consultation and plan of treatment. You can call 800-315-1363 toll free or you can use the online appointment form available 24/7 for your convenience.

If you refer a friend to the office for relief from plantar warts, ask them to let us know so we can get you in on the chance to win the 42 inch LCD TV that we’re giving in September to recognize patients who refer family and friends. The TV is on display at the Franklin clinic.