This week, using our email service at, (not an affiliate link), we were able to set up an option for you to use your smart phone when joining our email list.

Simply text ‘footdocs’ to 42828 to get started. You will receive a response asking you to text your email address. When you do that, you will receive another responding text thanking you and including an offer for a free bottle of BioFreeze when you first join the list.

When using as our email service, we have been able to enjoy this services’ message deliver-ability and compliance with Canspam rules for sending out a large list of email.

When you come to the clinics, you will see a counter card or desk sign with the ‘footdocs’ and 42828 number information that will get you started.

Because we ARE your ‘FOOT Doctors’ that term will remind you of us and make you smile – your very own FOOTDOCS at your service!

This summer is all about the patients – those who have been with us faithfully and those who are new and just getting acquainted. We began the VIP Program for Very Important Patients with certain time slots set aside for VIP appointments and expanded to the give-away of a 42 inch large screen TV in September to the person who had earned the most points while referring new patients to Hoosier Foot and Ankle.

Making communication easy for patients is part of the Summer of the Patient (and future). Patients can reach helpful staff at 317-660-2115 or select an appointment option online, leave us a message, ask questions or join our email list at the website or by texting ‘footdocs’ to 42828.