We’ve been updating our website at Hoosier Foot and Ankle with the expert assistance of Danny Rubino who helps get the podiatrist word out with a directory at Podiatrists.com. Other podiatrists and I have a better contact opportunity for people searching for our services with this effective directory. I appreciate Danny’s loyalty and skill for the support of the websites featured with the practice. These websites are a very important part of the way we want to stay in contact with you.

We especially like the newly animated headers that offer information about the services at the clinics. The laser and the shockwave treatments are all in-office treatments with rapid recovery.

We’re added a place where our patients can leave a review of their experience in our clinics — we want to know your opinion, Good or Bad. You are our first priority for foot care and respect.

You’re invited to visit site, check out the new look, leave a review of your appointment and treatment experience, read the articles about foot care, join the newsletter community, and visit the blog. While you’re there, if you know someone in the Indianapolis area who is in need of foot care, but who doesn’t have funds or insurance to pay for treatment, please help them leave their story in the Give Back area. We’re giving one person in the community free treatment for sharing their story.