flipflopsFlipFlops – Will they hurt my feet? Dr. DeHeer says, “They can be connected with problems.”

Summer open shoes – Flip-Flops and Slides come in a variety of styles and shapes.

  • Some have a post that goes between the 1st and 2nd toe,
  • Some a leather or plastic ‘ring’ that encircles the big toe,
  • Some are slide-ons (clogs),
  • Some are loose fitting(crocs).
  • Some are cuter than others

All are handy and often inexpensive. All are lacking support for feet and because of the flat footed contact with the shoe tend to require more from leg muscles than a full shoe. That can lead to strain on the achilles tendon when changing from a heeled shoe to the very flat shoe.

Some styles are difficult to keep on naturally. The wearer perpetually is curling her toes to keep a grip on the shoe which can strain the tendons and muscles of her foot and lead to tendonitis, heel pain, and other foot discomfort.

These issues can be avoided by:

  • Wearing strap sandals or espadrille style shoes,
  • Wearing flip-flops with support (more expensive),
  • Wearing the summer flats with moderation.

Even the sandals and espadrilles can be lacking in arch support.

Other issues that cause concern with flipflops are connected to the very things that make them attractive.

Being very open, they are easy for the foot to slip out or off of, turning ankles or breaking small bones in the foot. When something heavy is dropped, the item is right there on the foot. Gardening tasks can be very dangerous when wearing flip flops because of the lack of support.  Don’t even think about mowing the lawn while wearing flip flops.

The styles with a post between the toes can lead to irritation that can be an open sore and invite infection or athletes foot.

Open shoes lead to drying conditions that can develop into cracks and other sores on the heels and soles of your feet.

Summer heat often leads to swollen feet that are begging for freedom. Remember, you are the boss of your feet. Give them well fitted full support shoes with comfortable socks most of the time and a little freedom at the end of the day. The good shoes may have to be slightly larger, should have a roomy toe box and be leather or other material that ‘breathes’.  Keeping your feet ‘happy’ over time at less risk than being happy in the moment will make you more happy at the end of the season when you’re going on ahead with no twisted or broken feet.