Using a Bacterin Osteosponge bone grafting material is becoming a preferred choice for my patients who need bone grafting precedures. The video explains how the Osteosponge is configured using bone material. Completely hydrated grafting material in the surgical procedure being filmed is pliable and can be used to fill voids and small spaces.  I am always happy when I can find a product that permits me to offer better service to patients.

If you have chronic foot pain from a condition that may need surgery and bone grafting, call 1-877-207-9556 for a consultation appointment or you may use the online appointment request form available 24/7 for your convenience. If you are a new patient, you can find the new patient forms and information at our website. The patient forms are printable so that you can read them over and gather the information needed ahead of time. You might prefer to look them over even if you complete them in the office.