When there is damage to the peroneal tendon, there are not many options for treatment. Usually surgery has been the method chosen to remove tissue and accomplish debridement.

There is a tool, Topaz, which is a probe using radiofrequency (coblation) to achieve the necessary debridement with less severe effects than surgery.

Topaz works at a lower temperature than some other treatments and has quicker recovery time. The patient is permitted to leave the clinic when recovered from light anesthetic with arrangements made for follow-up appointments.

This video demonstrates my use of Topaz for a patient when treating conditions of the Peroneal Tendon.  If you have tendon pain that needs treatment, contact us today for an appointment. You can call  317-660-2115 or use our handy online appointment request option which is available to you 24/7

Topaz may be the answer for your condition.